The Business Development Officer is primarily responsible for developing sales processes and metrics, and training and mentoring the various sales personnel in the Company and across its investee startups.

- Develop the sales strategy, set goals and objectives and implement plans to grow the revenues of the various businesses within the Eden network.
- Mentor, guide, collaborate, supervise the various Sales personnel across the Eden network to make sure sales targets are achieved and find ways on how to further grow revenues via improved offerings/packages, more efficient sales process, effective sales presentations, better sales proposals and materials, innovative selling, expanding distribution channels, etc.
- Develop a sales process and sales cycle monitoring program for businesses within the Eden Network to ensure that all leads progress down the sales funnel.
- Continuously identify sales opportunities and build a constant flow of leads to ensure a robust business pipeline across the Eden Network.
- Build and train the various sales teams of the companies within the Eden network.
- Help Sales personnel within the Eden Network to identify and develop the company’s unique selling propositions and differentiators and how to effectively sell them to the target customers.
- Close deals and achieve own sales targets.
- Prepare regular reports, analyze metrics and give recommendations on how to further improve the various businesses across Eden Network.
- Other tasks that may be required which would deem necessary in the fulfillment of the above duties.

- Business-related degree
- Minimum of 3 years experience in Sales, Marketing or Business Development.
- Strong understanding of the principles of sales & marketing
- Results-oriented
- Analytical and logical approach to solving problems.

- Excellent  presentation skills
 - Great coaching and mentoring skills

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Business Development Officer


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