Do you excel in solving problems, analyzing data and getting things done?   Check out our openings below and send us your application.

Eden Holdings Inc. has a stack of potential business ideas and we're looking for Entrepreneurs-in-Residence to validate business ideas and create the next big thing with us.  Candidates need to have the horsepower and grit to lead a venture to success. We are looking for data driven, ambitious, and out-of-the-box individuals who are open to starting up their company.

Here's the profile we're looking for:
- Strong Management and Leadership Skills
- Possesses "Test and Learn" Mentality
- Proven track record of personal, academic and professional achievement
- Senior Management experience
- Proven track record of building successful products from the ground up 
- Highly analytical, insightful, hands-on and ambitious

What to expect if you make it to our Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) pool:
- You will be assigned an idea that matches your domain expertise
- You will get an EIR salary and budget to validate and execute the idea assigned to you
-  You will be supported by a group of talented team to help you with your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
-  Once your idea is successfully validated, you incorporate a company where you become a co-founder and get substantial equity.
- You will supported by a group of mentors that will increase your likelihood of success.
-  Tons of growth and learning opportunities!

Interested? Please send your application to contact@edenholdingsinc.com.